Survey grade Talon (Top variantvariant)


Delivery in 14 – 18 Days The Talon FPV V-tail Drone is an all EPO molded airframe. This kit comes with a completely assembled drone with 24 24-megapixel RGB Camera and autopilot with autonomous survey mission programming. All electronics are industrial-grade, tested, and tuned by survey industry experts. Ready for large-scale land survey and…



Everything is included in the kit you just need to charge the battery & go for survey mission Flying.

1. Talon Airframe with electronics installed
2. Sony A6000 Camera, 16mm lens and trigger set
3. Pixhawk Orange cube
4. GPS
5. Long Range Telemetry (up to 40km range)
6. Remote Controller 16 channel
7. Aircraft Battery                                                                  3 x 21000mAh
8. Camera Battery                                                                  3
9. Dual Battery Charger
10. Shock Absorbing Light Weight Foam Camera Mount


1.Wing span -1.7 meters
2.Length -1.1 meters
3.Celling Altitude – 6000 meters
4.Max speed – 108 Kmph
5.Cruise speed – 50 to 60 Kmph
6.Stall speed – 20 Kmph
7.Flight endurance – 90 to 95 minutes
8.distance can travel: 85 KM


1.Expert UAV engineers and pilots will build, test and tune this UAVs.
2.Triple redundancy power supply.
3.Survey grade, operational and fine-tuned.
4.Easy hand launch and any terrain recovery capabilities.
5.Widely used for survey and proven effective all over the world.
6.Capable of handling above moderate rainfall.
7.RTL option is available in case of any emergency.
8.Easy to repair on field.

For more information on how to build, fly, mission planning, and land survey missions. Please visit this YouTube channel

Resolution of camera: Sony A6000 24MP

Sony a6000 and 16mm lens
Flying altitude 120m – 2.9cm/pixel (Can cover 680 acres)
Flying altitude 150m – 3.6cm/pixel (Can cover 860 acres)
Flying altitude 180m – 4.4cm/pixel (Can cover 1480 acres)
Flying altitude 200m – 4.9cm/pixel (Can cover 1730 acres)

Service warranty:

1.First service will be free of cost, valid for 3 months from the date of delivery.
2.This covers service for technical issues only. (Signal tracing, software or mission planner issues, insulation test, Ground run)
3.In case of damage to the UAV or any hardware, parts for replacement are not covered under service. They have to be purchased separately; however, installation and testing service fee will be applicable post service warranty.
4.All flight Logs (.Bin) are must for any service to be provided.
5.After any technical crash or glitch Information to be passed on to us immediately.
6.Any crash occurred due to Human intervention will not be covered under any service terms.


100% amount should be paid to place the order.
Delivery within 14-18 days from ordered date.
If Delivery is out station then client should arrange travel to Hyderabad and take the product.
All sales are final no return, exchange, or refund.
On the date of delivery, our team will demonstrate test flying, test survey mission and RTL procedure.
All test flights and mapping tests will be carried out in Hyderabad. (Client has to travel to Hyderabad to check and collect the product).